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Open Night Success

The open night that we had at Rainbow Tree on the 7th May was a huge success.  We had a full house of people and Grace Portolesi MP even popped in to say hello and have a look around.

Below is Kelly Lulic -Mums and Bubs Nutritionist, Fiona House – Bodyworker, Rachel Clark – owner Rainbow Tree, Jacqueline Illes – Ayurvedic Consultant . Each of us did a great talk on the night and we had loads of give aways and door prizes from each practitioner, Rainbow Tree and all the local shops within the area.

Fiona House with Grace Portolesi and Rachel Clark

Getting ready before the talks

All the practitioners offered 20% off all bookings made on the night and each guest went home with a free goody bag filled with trial size moisturizers, massage oil, spirulina, organic ghee plus discount coupons and info sheets from the talks.  If you want to be notified of further activities with the practitioners at Rainbow Tree, or Rainbow Tree functions,  fill in the form on this website to be put into the newsletter list.


Meet and Greet our Natural Therapists at Rainbow Tree

Come and explore what goes on beyond the door at Rainbow Tree!

Rainbow Tree now has three practitioners working from the therapy room.  Natural Therapists Fiona House, Jacqueline Iles and Kelly Lulic, and Rainbow Tree.  Proprietor Rachel Clark will be throwing open the therapy room door for a night of fun and insight.  This is your chance to come and meet and greet us all.  There will be short talks from each of us, plus nibbles, organic wine, special offers, free goody bags and loads of door prizes!

Fiona House – Tactile Therpaies for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Kahuna Bodywork
Fertility, Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage
Holistic Massage
Mayan Abdominal Therapy

Fiona will be speaking about the range of therapies she offers and how they support your mind, body and soul though stressful times of transition and change.  She will also be discussing women’s reproductive conditions and how her work supports the health of the hormone system and uterus,  as well as  with supporting you in conception, pregnancy and after the birth your baby.

Jacqueline Ilnes – Ayurvedic Consultant and Yoga Teacher
Jacqueline has been a yoga teacher for over 10 years and an Ayurvedic Consultant for over 6 years.  She has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom of the ayurvedic constitutions and the human body.  She will be speaking about how the ancient and powerful ayurvedic system of health and healing supports your body in all your day to day health concerns, and how it can also help prepare you for child bearing, support you in pregnancy, and balance your system reducing uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

Kelly Lulic – Mums and Bubs Nutritionist
Kelly is a qualified Nutritionist.  Through her study, and from her own journey of pregnancy and child rearing, she is a wealth of information and support for nutritional advice covering the childbearing period.  She specialises in prenatal, pregnancy and post natal nutrition – as well as breastfeeding, food for your baby, introducing solids and how to take care of your own body nutritionally after pregnancy.  Kelly will be discussing ways to support yourself nutritionally over this time for you and your baby.

We have so much pre-natal, pregnancy and post-natal knowledge and experience to share!




Spring energy special offers

Spring is here with the ups and down of Spring weather!  One week we have gorgeous warm days in the 20’s, then back we are to cooler days and cold evenings again.  As I sit in my office and look out onto our land, I see the trees now bursting through in bud, and the fruit blossoms coming out in full bloom.  I love spring as I get to head back out into the garden and revisit my weedy flower beds and vegetable patch!  I love the feeling of having more energy, waking with more light, and being able to go for a run without long sleeves on!  Do you love spring too?  Read on for our Spring Equinox Celebration happening this weekend and ways to get back into that routine of looking after the body and eating well. (And remember that I also have Eftpos/ Credit Card facilities too!)  **Special offer below!**

Winter Blues are over!  Time to revisit that body!

Life is a cycle.  We have seasonal cycles, moon cycles, life/age cycles, and for women, we have menstrual cycles.  With these cycles are the ebbs and flows of life energy.  In the seasonal cycle, Winter is that time to hibernate, stay still, warm, inside and go within with more for contemplation and rest.  Now that we are in spring, it is the time to move that energy outwards again.  Most people feel the change without thinking about it.  They clean out cupboards, start going for walks, lighten the type of meals they eat, start thinking about socialising more.  These are all natural rhythms of human beings adjusting to the change in energy.  By embracing this spring energy and considering goals and changes we wish to make in our lives, this is the perfect time to re-establish routine and begin to reacquaint ourselves with our bodies.  The energy of this time is to support your goals, and desires and will encourage you to get active again.

Spring is a great time to look at our eating habits, how we eat, and how much we eat.  Its also a super time to get back on the bike, take some bush walks, go camping, and generally get outdoors again.  Its also the perfect time to start your massage routine again.  As bodies begin to thaw (so to speak!) and we are wanting to exercise more, we need to get the blood and lymph flowing again and ease the muscle aches and pains associated with renewed exercise.  Massage is great for this, and also for toxin release, so people who want to diet at this time find that regular massage supports their bodies in the weight loss process, and eases its workload in detoxifying.  Massage is also incredibly relaxing, eases anxiety and promotes deeper sleep, deeper breathing and clearer mental capacity.

To support you in your process of getting fit, healthy and ready for spring,  I am offering 15%  off all appointments as an encouragement to revisit the body, send it some love and begin to reacquaint yourself with a great massage.  This offer is only valid once per client, and is only valid until 30th September.  There are not many spots left, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.  This is my way of treating you all to a spring celebration! (Only valid for bookings made between 20/9 – 30/9.  Not valid for gift vouchers or 5.45/6 pm time slots