Priyanka – Our child sponsor

Priyanka was born in 2002.  She attends primary school in her local community of Patna, Bihar.  She is Hindu and has one brother.  She lives in a house made of brick with a corrugated asbestos sheeting roof and an earth floor.  Her family sources local fuel for cooking and her supply of water is from a local borehole.  Her toilet facilities are in an open field or public area and the nearest health facility is 3o mins away…  For privacy reasons we are unable to share a photo of her with you.

Sponsorship from Your Body Your Temple for Priyanka will help to empower an entire community to lift themselves out of poverty.

plansponsorshipMonthly donations will help fund projects specific to the needs of her community, covering areas like education, food and nutrition, health, clean water, and sanitation. Priyanka acts as a community representative, and won’t receive special treatment over other children.

Through our donations, Priyanka and her community will gain increased access to things like:

  • nutritious meals and skills on growing their own food
  • clean drinking water at school and home
  • vaccinations in health centres
  • education and school materials like pencils, books and bags.

In some communities, child sponsorship can set the foundations for a stable family income through skills and business training for parents, so they can support their children for the long term.

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