Fiona was an incredibly important part of my pregnancy journey. Her techniques with Mayan Abdominal Therapy while I was trying to get pregnant were really helpful. They were calming and brought me release in my body and peace in my mind. Once I was pregnant, I felt completely safe with Fiona as a therapist. She has so much wisdom about the female body and pregnancy that I knew I was in the best hands. She helped me through what was a quite physically challenging pregnancy (pelvic instability and severe pain) and also helped me prepare mindfully for my birth experience. It all helped me to have the natural birth I wanted for my baby.



I saw Fiona for Kahuna Bodywork after a traumatic time in my life and the session helped me to process the stress i was carrying in my body, settle and find myself and my centre again. I felt that she attuned her whole being to my body and offered me just what I needed in that moment to release and surrender to ‘what is’. It was a very powerful and nurturing experience.


Fiona is an excellent therapist and knows the needs of her clients.  She assisted me in dealing with grief from the death of a close friend and since then I have benefited from her massage expertise in managing stress and anxiety as well as emotional coding.  I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone seeking to improve their health and well being. Thank you Fiona!


I’ve had Fiona twice as a student Doula for both my girls births and have seen her for both massage and Mayan abdominal therapy. My experience with Fiona is that she genuinely cares for you, she makes you feel comfortable and a sense of feeling safe and secure. I like how Fiona is a strong, passionate woman which complemented my growing confidence and my own strength as I went through my own huge healing process. I don’t hesitate to recommend Fiona to my friends and would only recommend practitioners I truly believe in.


I ‘stumbled’ across Fiona’s flyer (well in reality it was no coincidence!) as I had been having problems with stomach cramps for years, and especially after doing twists in yoga. Although nervous about having anyone touch my stomach, I immediately felt comfortable with Fiona undertaking Mayan abdominal therapy on me. She is extremely lovely, professional and caring. I have found the self care techniques very easy to do at home, and really beneficial for me, both physically and emotionally, especially as it seems this is the area I hold all my stress. I would highly recommend Fiona to everyone!


I am so glad that I met Fiona. Fiona is not just a therapist, she is a teacher who helped me to learn to heal myself. There is nothing more giving than teaching others to be their own healer….and supporting them along the way.  After all that I have done, I have NEVER met any therapist who helps their clients like Fiona does. This is the real meaning of compassion and giving. As the saying goes “catch a woman a fish and you feed her for a day; teach a woman to fish and you feed her for a lifetime”. Fiona “teaches you how to fish”…she is giving you the gift of a lifetime. No words can express my gratitude for this teaching. Fiona, you are a wonderful soul.


I sought treatment from Fiona for IVF support. I now swear by her abdominal massage technique, which is easy to learn, and quick to do, as it dramatically improved my circulation and menstrual cycle. This should be taught to every woman! I also see Fiona for massage prior to embryo transfer. The whole experience puts me in the right zone for being in touch with my body and feeling like I am in balance. Fiona is highly knowledgeable and has a wonderfully supportive manner.


Fiona is gifted. She has a real talent that goes beyond technique, yet the techniques she uses are very rare and require a lot of specialized training. If you want to reconnect to the saner and calmer parts of yourself then this is the place to go.

My physiotherapist referred me to Fiona as an option to reduce the tension through my back, neck and shoulders, and alleviate the recurrence of some ongoing conditions resulting from this. There is no doubt that following a range of sessions (including both Kahuna Bodywork and specific remedial myofascial techniques) my condition has improved markedly. The care provided and genuine concern that Fiona has through the treatment is first class, and has been a source of great comfort during some difficult times.

Fiona is a skilled and professional practitioner who provides a safe and nurturing environment for deep healing.

There is a transformative quality in her work and I would recommend her Kahuna Bodywork for anyone seeking a deeper therapeutic experience or for simple relaxation and de-stressing.

A Trumble
Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Trainer

Throughout my life I have explored many different styles of massage and body work all around the world. To me, Fiona is the best I’ve ever come across. She has the rare blend of strength, skill, understanding, compassion, experience, knowledge and empathy. She opens my body and mind so when I leave her rooms, I feel not only relaxed and calmed, but energized, refreshed and ready to take on the world again. She is truly a unique and special soul who I feel blessed to be able to visit regularly.

A friend of mine recommended I see Fiona and I feel so lucky that she came into my life. I have seen her for both the holistic massages and the Mayan Abdominal treatments. She has such a vast knowledge of the female body, and how it functions on many levels. Her beautiful nature and genuine interest in what I was experiencing helped me to connect with her and hold trust in her treatments. She always made me feel comfortable and safe…

Fiona’s work is unbelievably miraculous and blissful. I have been seeing Fiona for several years now, and have benefited greatly from her treatments, knowledge and advice. She has healed me time and time again from aches and pains, to woman’s intricate health issues. I have been to other people when Fiona has not been available and wondered why I bothered – Fiona is fantastic and just gets better. My partner thinks she is a miracle worker, and can’t wait to have another session with her, also my daughter. Healing and nurturing in many ways, I wish Fiona lived with us, as she is already so much part of my family!

Fiona is a beautiful person – genuinely concerned and willing to assist while sharing her gift with people like me. It is evident in her approach and empowered touch that she is deeply passionate about the many techniques of massage therapy that she offers. I have been fortunate enough to experience her Holistic Massage on occasions, as well as Kahuna Bodywork and the Mayan Abdominal Therapy. Each is very powerful in its subtle affects and allowed me to become more aware of how my body and mind communicate – creating a dialogue – rather than looking for someone to `fix’ the discomfort. At times I have felt the need to cry, laugh, shiver – I see this all as a response to becoming more emotionally in tune with my body so I can knowingly release the tension I am holding, and make way for more positive energy.

Joslin Koolen

When I first found Fiona, all I was looking for was a masseuse. Someone to massage away all of my aches and pains. What I didn’t realise at the time was that I had found someone compassionate and very special. Seeing Fiona is a great experience because she looks beyond the physical pains and looks at the whole picture. She could see that I wasn’t happy with my life and myself, that my life was out of balance and very wrong. Slowly bit by bit she helped me change. Combined with simple conversation and the EMF Balancing Technique, not to mention the Kahuna Bodywork, I found that I was starting to see things differently. Fiona is perfect if you’re looking to change how you look at life or simply looking for a fantastic indulgent massage.

I wanted to say a big ‘Thank you’ for the work that you are doing with me at the moment. Since you have come into my life so many things have shifted – I am so appreciative of all that you are doing and mostly for you just being you!

My journey began with Fiona six years ago, and I feel blessed this beautiful soul entered my life. She has a knowledge well beyond her years and one feels very safe and nurtured through the many treatments she offers.

I just wanted to let you know I feel much better since my last session with the EMF Balancing Technique® – I am no longer a grouchy mother, my libido has improved and I have more energy at work and play. Thank you. I feel like a new woman!

I am so glad to have found Fiona! I have tried several of Fiona’s services and I always leave her rooms feeling absolutely blissful! It is such a spiritual, calming energy that I come away with and not only is the therapy wonderful self-care, but Fiona is a beautiful lady who genuinely cares about her work.

The energy of the EMF Balancing Technique® is so subtle that it is hard to put words to it, but the effect of that energy has brought me a calmness that I truly enjoy. Thank you Fiona so much for your gift.

Truly amazing experience – god bless your Kahuna Bodywork

Absolutely beautiful! – bless these beautiful hands!

Amazing experience of the senses

Very nurturing physically and spiritually

An awesome feeling of freedom

Total bliss – just wonderful

Wow, that was amazing.

Fiona – you are a master of kahuna bodywork, thank you.