Sacred Moon Circles – The essential circle

monthlymoonAround the world women are gathering at the New Moon each month to reconnect, nourish and experience sacred space. There is something very healing and powerful when a group of women join and sit in circle time. We become each others witnesses and are comforted and often healed by each others stories and presence. Even just speaking your story out loud has the power to transform things and help process life events. Circle time reminds us and reconnects us to ourselves, each other and Mother Earth and her cycles and rhythms.

Each New moon has its own unique energy. It is a time too slow down and turn more inward, while also being a time of clearing out the old and welcoming in the new for the following month. This makes it the perfect time to set new intentions for the coming weeks and look at what we would like to bring into your life. When we sit, slow down and become present, we can consciously set intention and look at what we would like to welcome into our life. New Moon energy is the most supportive energy for this this process and makes it a wonderful time for us to withdraw from our daily schedules, reconnect to ourselves and gather as women and sisters.

The Sacred Moon Circles will be held monthly, on an evening of (or closest to) the New Moon.

When the moon is in its ‘new moon’ stage, the moon and the sun are in the same astrological sign.

This creates its own unique energy to work with. (Just think, you’re synching with nature!)

redtentDuring these circles, many things may happen. There may be a theme according to the moon cycle we are in. We may have a guest presenter who would share wisdom of an area relevant to that month. We might sing, dance, create, be pampered. I am sure there will be laughter, tears, joy and a time of letting go and honouring yourself and each other.

What I can guarantee is there will be quiet time, sharing time and a time to nourish ourselves with delicious food and a cup of tea.

You can also just come and just be a silent presence if thats what you feel like on the night.

Please register your interest by joining our community so that we can send you updates for when the circles will begin.

Dates: Will be released in 2016.
Times: 7pm – 9.30pm
Donation: $20 (not for profit)

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” Kahlil Gibran




Thank you for choosing Your Body Your Temple.  Every time you come for an appointment in clinic, or to the Moon Lodge, we donate a portion of our profits to our three selected charities: Treesisters, Because I am a Girl and our Plan Australia child sponsor Priyanka.