Other Ceremonial Circles

There are other times in life where the gathering of a women’s circle can mark a significant turning point or rite of passage. Times when you might consider gathering can include:

maiden-mother-crone-stagesBlessingway Ceremonies – held a few months after menarch, it is the mother, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins and close family friends who come together to honour this time. It is a way of recognising the time in
the girls life and celebrating it. This can also held with a number of girlfriends if they are close and wish to celebrate together.

Motherhood – Pregnancy is a massive transition in a womans life. Calling in the women around us prior to birth, to support and send love to both the mother and the baby, is a beautiful way to help and give love for the woman in preparation for her journey in labor and motherhood. Birth is a sacred event and only the woman can pass through this door on her own; but the sisters and family can be on the sides cheering her on and blessing her with prayers of love and support. This is a beautiful way of honoring  Motherhood as a rite of passage for first time mothers and those birthing again.

Menopause – There is a native American saying:
“ With menarche, you meet your wisdom,
With monthly bleeding you practise your wisdom,
At menopause, you become your wisdom”

This rite of passage is equally important as the ones prior. A woman is no longer bleeding and is transitioning into yet another new phase in life. One where she has the wisdom of years before, but has now transitioned beyond her monthly cycles.  This time presents new teachings for her to listen too and honoring it, is honoring our life as a woman.

Divorce, death and major transitions in life – When big things happen for us in our life, its important to mark it and recognise the process. When we say ‘thank you’ for the gift
of what the event or person was in our life, and mark the occasion by bringing together our female friends and sisters we are acknowledging that this is a time of major transition and a time where we need our female support. The power of voicing these things, and giving them the time to be consciously recognised is very empowering and life affirming, and will help the process of moving forwards with grace and dignity. It is also a wonderful way for our loved ones to support the central woman and communicate loving support.