mooninsideyou-3125On 28th October 2015 Your Body Your Temple joined with colleague Leanne Muffet and organised the Moon Inside You Film Fundraiser.  Held at the Mercury Cinema, on a close-to-sell-out night we raised over $4200 with tickets sales and a silent auction.  All proceeds supported a Plan Australian initiative called The Ugandan Menstrual Hygiene Project.

For a girl in Australia, the day she gets her period can be confronting. For a girl in rural Uganda, that day can be terrifying. These girls live in a world where reproductive health is taboo – it’s not discussed at school or at home – and they are often completely unaware of what is happening to their bodies and how to care for themselves.

On top of that, many girls don’t know about sanitary pads and even if they do, can rarely afford to buy them.

mooninsideyou-3217For women and girls to live healthy, productive and dignified lives, it’s essential that they are able to manage menstrual bleeding effectively; something that western communities largely take for granted.  Many girls do not attend school when they have their period due to lack of sanitary products, and many drop out of school all together.

The Ugandan Menstrual Hygiene Project supports local women to make low-cost sanitary pads so that women and girls can afford to use these products. It’s a win-win approach, as women have gained a source of income and new skills, and their female customers now have access to an essential hygiene product.

As well as addressing women’s practical needs, PLAN for Girls is also promoting better awareness among women and men to reduce embarrassment, cultural practices or taboos around menstruation that negatively affect the lives of women and girls.

$20 provides 4 girls with cloth menstrual pads for one year.  With these figures in mind, our success at the fundraiser provided over 800 girls the pads they needed to continue to attend school while menstruating.

mooninsideyou-3271The movie that we screened was ‘Moon Inside You’.   A journey to the roots of femininity and life… the award winning documentary is a fresh look at the menstruation taboo that defines the political and social reality of both women and men in a more profound way than society might be willing to admit…. the documentary approaches the subject through both personal and collective references, thus challenging our preconceived idea of womanhood.

Sponsors included Deviation Rd Winery, Coopers Brewery, Stateswim, Ochota Barrels, Jonny’s Popcorn, TOM Organic, Organics for Hair, Stylehouse, Berries & Bloom, Anne-Marie Morrissey from Holistic Physiotherapy, The Leaders Coach, P & A Organic Meats, Prospect Garden Centre, Your Body Your Temple, Rainbow Tree, Susanna Parkinson Personal Training, metamorphia, Bettalife Distributors and Krystie Edwards Trauma Counselling, Twisted Tea Tonic, Mense Sense, Bellis Bars, Carissa May Bridal and Alternative Chef Kitchen.