Plan Australia – ‘Because I am a Girl’

Plan Australia works at the grassroots level in the developing world, to empower communities to overcome poverty, so that children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  They encourage children to express their views and be actively involved in improving their communities. Together with their supporters, Plan is a catalyst for change, free from political and religious agendas, existing only for the sake of children.

Plan works in over 49 developing countries. They unite, empower and inspire people around the world to champion every child’s right to grow up healthy, safe and educated.

Their ‘Because I am A Girl’ Campaign aims to unleash the incredible potential of girls to create a better world.  

The girl issue is real, and it’s affecting girls and women around the world – but what is it? Girls in the poorest regions of the world are among the most disadvantaged people on the planet. They are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to be denied access to education, and more likely to be malnourished, simply because they are young and female.

And yet, studies show that when you invest in girls, the whole world benefits. If a girl has enough to eat, a safe environment, and an education, she’ll work to raise the standard of living for herself, her family and her community. And in time, she can even strengthen the economy of her entire country.

The campaign focuses on 8 barriers we need to break.


  1. Child Marriage 
  2. Gender Based Violence
  3. Less Value on Girls Education
  4. Poor Health and Nutrition 
  5. Domestic Work
  6. Poverty at Home
  7. Poor Sexual Health
  8. Gender Discrimination
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