About ‘Giving Back’

There is a Hawaiian principle, or way of living called the Principle of Ohana.  This translates to the Principle of Family.  Everything belongs to a Family.  No one gets left behind or forgotten.  On a basic level, taking this example from nature, one can observe that all the trees, plants and animals all belong to their own specific Family genus.

In relation to Your Body Your Temple, we focus on nourishing women.  We are all Family.  We are Family within ourselves with the very cells of our beings, we are Family within community and our external lives with friends and relations, and we are Family across continents and nations with the same breath and life force flowing through us. No one gets forgotten.

We need to be aware of our Family.  Giving Back to women in need is our way of extending that recognition and responsibility of Family to those at a distance. We are reconnecting the Family of women.

Every time you come for an appointment, or to the Moon Lodge for a women’s gathering, Your Body Your Temple donates part of our proceeds to three charities. These include Treesisters, Because I am a Girl and 13 year old girl Priyanka, in India, sponsored through Plan Australia.









*Banner image by Kurt Arrigo