Fertility Massage

Throughout history the perinatal cycle has been revered and acknowledged with ceremonies, artwork, songs and prayer. In many cultures the pregnant woman is recognised as being a Goddess, creator of life and is connected closely to the Divine source.  Pregnancy is seen as a major rite of passage – especially for first time mothers, as they take steps to learn new roles as a mother, partner and woman.  During this time, changes occur on all levels of the being – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, and hormones rush through the body through all the stages of pregnancy.

Touch is a very important aspect of helping a woman adjust to and experience this major life change.  After the baby is born, it continues to help the mother reformulate and rebalance herself into the new identity of a mother, as well as gently allowing her body to return to a new balance and place of rest.  Touch cultivates nourishing and nurturing during this important child bearing time.

Fertility Massage and Cleansing

For a healthy and productive pregnancy, fertility massage and cleansing is great to begin at least three months prior to pregnancy.  By allowing this time, we are able fully prepare the uterus and your body for the developing embryo.  This time prior to conception also increases the chance of healthy conception, and full pregnancy.  You are able to cleanse your body and uterus, balance your hormones, build the chi within your womb, relax your mind, body and emotions, and open yourself fully to the possibility of having a child. This three-month program incorporates a variety of massage methods and ancient cleaning rituals to fully prepare you and your body.

During this three-month preparatory time you will:

  • Receive 1-2 Mayan Abdominal therapy sessions per month.  This is the minimum required to prepare your uterus and be correctly aligned for conception.
  • Participate in monthly cleansing activities in the comfort of your own home.  This includes the process of vaginal steams and warm castor oil compresses that help your uterus cleanse and balance itself.  These are easy, safe and comforting practices from ancient Mayan healing wisdom.
  • Participate in daily self care massage as taught in the initial Mayan Abdominal Therapy Appointment.  If you are very vigilant with this self-care massage, then appointments can be dropped to once a month.
  • Use a herbal preparation to support hormonal balance – which ultimately has a knock on effect of health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Take a vibrational remedy each month to support the emotional, mental and physical bodies to be open for healthy conception.  This will be a combination of Shell and Australian Bush Flower Essences tailored specifically to your personal needs.
  • It is also recommended at the first month to visit a nutritionist for pre pregnancy preparation to ensure you are eating well and have all the necessary nutritional needs.  I recommend two other therapists to choose from. A nutritionist and an Ayurvedic practitioner.

It must be noted, that although this program is designed to allow the mother to be in an optimally healthy place for conception, there are no promises.  Conception has a mind of its own and I believe the spirit of the baby often chooses when it wants to come.  This program is designed for women who want to be fully prepared and feel that they have done the best they can before actively choosing to begin the conception process.