Holistic Pelvic Care™

What is Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC)?

Holistic Pelvic Care is a combination of internal bodywork that is designed to assess, and then correct pelvic imbalance and tension for women.  This work is a sacred bodywork process that combines internal physical touch within the pelvic bowl (needed for myofascial trigger points), with the energetic component that supports emotional memory release and the restructuring of core memory lines within the pelvic cavity.

The technique was pioneered by US  physiotherapist and visionary Tami Lynn ent based on extensive experience as a womens health physiotherapist.  As she worked with clients in her practice she mapped a way for women to release and shift trauma,  energy blocks and ancestral memory from their pelvic bowl, while also supporting the stabilisation and structure of this complex part of our bodies.

A woman’s pelvis is the powerhouse of a woman’s creative and energetic centre. It is from this sacred space where a woman gives birth not only to her beloved children but also to her creative ideas. In modern times we have lost the understanding that the pelvic bowl houses a deep wisdom and intelligence, and that it can serve as a unique resource from which a woman can use to help restore physical and emotional balance in her time of need. Holistic Pelvic Care™ is a therapy that helps a woman gain greater access to her creative intuition, find clarity of mind, reconnect to her deeper Self – all while minimising the symptoms associated with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Our pelvic space is prone to hold emotional stress, trauma, energy blocks and tight area’s of tension.  These areas’s of tension can cause physical imbalances such as pelvic instability, menstrual issues, fertility challenges, prolapse issues and feelings of ‘disconnection’ from a womens sacred creative essence and life purpose.   Depending on the individual, this ‘disconnect’ can result in further feelings of separation from Spirit and her ability to co create in her life.  The woman she wants to be is hampered.

By addressing these core patterns and fractures, and reestablishing a resonance and harmonious flow of energy in her pelvic space, a women can be more connected to her creative essence, and the sacred space within her pelvic bowl.  This opens up her potential and ability to be more ‘intune’ with her inner Self.

The touch we use is a gentle therapeutic touch.  Not medical.  Not sexual.  As women, we are not used to this form of touch in our pelvic space.  Most have only received sexual touch; either wanted or unwanted or medical touch; during medical procedures or birth.  Introducing therapeutic touch to this area has a profound affect allowing the muscles to remember how to trust themselves, expand their range of movement and release tension.


What happens during a HPC session?

Initial appointments are 2 hours and follow up appointments are 90 mins.  The 2 hour initial appointment allows time for a detailed history an explanation on a pelvic model exactly of what we do and why.  You will then receive a private 20 min Yoni Steam which energetically and physically begins the process of clearing and healing the pelvic and yoni space.  It also introduces this space to touch, in the form of steam, in preparation for the internal work.

We then move into abdominal massage which further supports and introduces touch to the pelvic bowl.  When you feel ready we begin the internal work.  Using sensitivity,  I will insert one finger into the vaginal passageway.   This allows access to the muscles and fascia lining the bowl where trigger points and energetic blocks are held. Moving around this space, and exploring where tension is held, awareness and reconnection is made between the client and her pelvic space.   This in itself is a healing experience.  Some areas can feel numb, while others tight and tense.  Tight and tense areas can have a little discomfort, but we always work with the capacity of the individual keeping the pressure tailored to each woman.

Working with myofascial release, trigger point work, breath and visualisation we are able to reengage, activate and bring awareness to areas which may previously have been inactive, numb, tight or painful.  We also reset the energetic pathways of the feminine within the bowl to allow for a balanced creative expression of the woman’s energy levels in her daily life.

Note: I am a registered provider for health funds however only services that come under Remedial Massage are covered.

What women say:

Vesna Cavic www.vesnapersonalstylist.com.au


“I loved my sessions so much and I’m excited lots more women will be able to benefit!  The part that has stayed with me since my HPC sessions is the feeling of being “met”. Whilst being confident and clear about what the session could involve, Fiona made it feel like everything was perfect for me, that each moment was exactly what it needed to be. I loved that it felt like we were working together and guiding each other. Fiona touched some pretty painful places – physically and emotionally – in a way that felt I could do more than cope with it. I could look at what was painful, release it and build from it. Afterwards she stayed close and had a hand on my leg but I felt like she was holding all of me and reminding me of all the love I can feel from the world, and can give. In the weeks afterwards I have had a new appreciation of what my body can tell me and of my value as a person.”MH


“In the birth of my second daughter, I tore some of the structures of my pelvis. Healing was taking a long time, and I knew that I was going to need something beyond the great support I was already receiving through chiropractic and physio care, if I wanted to get better. I had seen Fiona many times already, so I was familiar with the absolute magic of her hands and her work, and knew it was going to be important in my recovery.

The first session blew me away. It’s incredibly hard to put into words, but afterwards I felt reconnected and transformed. I am so much more ‘in my body’ and present with my whole self.  Fiona is a thoughtful, intuitive and compassionate practitioner, who uses an unbeatable blend of technique, wisdom and magic to care for your entire being.

I honestly believe that this modality is a missing piece in feminine awakening. I’m so grateful to be able to experience Fiona’s work. I highly recommend her to all my clients.”   Anna Siebert, Childbirth Educator, Doula, Parenting Mentor


“Thank you Fiona for your healing and insightful pelvic care treatment.  You explained everything to me and the room was lovely and warm; I felt comfortable and safe.  I loved the treatment, it was relaxing and also made me aware of areas of tension physically and emotionally.  The gentle and intuitive way you work bright amazing healing for me.  Thank you for your wisdom, openness and understanding.”  Denise Erskin, Art Therapist