EMF Balancing Technique®

If you think you knew about healing, body balancing and energy work – or perhaps you are one who doesn’t believe in any of it – this is different, different, different!

It looks very much like “hands-on” healing, but it has such a startling rate of results that even NASA wanted to study it at one time!  Our advice? Go ahead and roll your eyes, then send your Indigos (children) – they won’t.

Lee Carroll – author of the Kryon books, and co–author of the best selling Indigo Children series.

Benefits of receiving the EMF Balancing Technique® include, but are not limited to:

Deep feelings of peacefulness, calmness and stress relief

Increased well being

More energy and feeling of balance

Greater emotional resilience

Confidence and self-assuredness


Able to move into your potential without fear or anxiety

People report being generally happier, healthier and more at peace with themselves

Graceful transformation of old patterns, releasing energy that is holding you back in life

The EMF Balancing Technique® is a system designed to clear, balance, strengthen and activate our personal UCL unlocking our greater potential – allowing us to move forward from a balanced and empowered place.

It is highly recommended for individuals looking for self- empowerment, clarity, direction, stress relief, nurturing and a sense of fulfillment with life.


How do I know if the EMF Balancing Technique® is for me?

The EMF Balancing Technique® is great for anyone who is:

  • Going through big life changes
  • Needing support to help you move into new spaces in your life
  • Feeling stressed and anxious
  • Wanting something to support you that is not tactile and involving oil (you keep your cloths on)
  • Wanting to let go of history that feels like an anchor holding you back
  • Wanting to move into their potential
  • Wanting to feel more self empowered and in touch with inner strength and stability


What is the EMF Balancing Technique®?

The EMF Balancing Technique® is essentially a system of energy work which promotes self-empowerment – it supports you, and helps you stand in your centre with all of life’s situations.  The work is designed to work directly on a part of our energy system known as the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL).  This is the part of your energy field that connects you to the energy of the earth and cosmic consciousness.

Just like the physical body is a compilation of systems (like the digestive or respiratory) the UCL is one of the systems held within our energy field.  It is formed of golden fibers of light and energy which contain all the information about you – all of your history and all of your potential.  These radiate from our chakras and form a lattice-work pattern within our energy anatomy.  The UCL surrounds our body, and functions like a transformer, stepping down universal energy into an appropriate form for us to hold.

Each session involves the practitioner using  set pattern of tai chi like movements over the body as a subtle flow of electromagnetic energy is guided into the clients energy field.  The clients inner wisdom then directs and regulates the energy and balances the energy patterns in their own personal energy field.  The system is non diagnostic and the practitioner is simply a facilitator for the client to step into a new space and allow their own inner wisdom to shine forth.

By receiving the sessions, the UCL is put in place, and is aligned and fully activated so we can begin to comfortably hold more of the higher frequencies that are now becoming available to us.  This means that we can move at a more rapid pace into our potential.    The UCL strengthens the being like invisible armour, bringing about greater emotional resilience.  It gracefully expands our energy circuits to help us hold more of our own energy and is your personal doorway to the energy of the Cosmic Lattice or Universal Energy Source.

With the voice over of Peggy Phoenix Dubro, originator and teacher of the EMF Balancing Technique®, you are able to get a clear visual of how the Universal Calibration Lattice sits around the human body.

Science behind the EMF Balancing Technique®:

Below is an interview with Lutz Rabe (Energy Field Researcher) and Peggy Phoenix Dubro (EMF originator) talking about scientific testing and results that support the basic premises of the EMF Balancing Technique.

Mr. Lutz Rabe, MSc. E.E. is a General Representative and registered teacher for the GDV Technology. He has studied under Dr. Korotkov for 5 years learning how to analyze, diagnose and provide applications to facilitate growth and evolution from the results of GDV readings. The GDV technique is accepted by the Russian Ministry of Health as a Medical technology. More than 500 doctors, practitioners and researchers benefit from using this technology worldwide.

Images from the GDV Technology:

This shows the chakras, or energy centers, before and after an EMF session.

GDV Technology study supports EMF Balancing Technique - YouTube

GDV Technology study supports EMF Balancing Technique - YouTube-1

This image below shows the increase of light photons held within the energy field before and after an EMF Balancing Technique session.



What does an EMF Balancing Technique® session involve?

There are thirteen different sessions of the EMF Balancing Technique®.  Fiona offers the first eight sessions, which enable you to have a fully formed and functioning UCL, and to also build on this foundation with particular attributes that you would like to practice in your life.   The remaining sessions can be received at a distance through www.linaesposito.com.

The phases must be taken in order, as the structure is calibrated around you.

You can have just one session, a few, or you can have all of them.

Phases I-IV

Phase I – Balancing Wisdom and Emotions

The intent is for the balancing of the client’s wisdom and emotions, the head and the heart.  We often live our lives from one or the other, and can find it difficult to live with a balance of both.  Phase I supports the client to live their life from a balanced space, which results in a reduction of stress levels, and a greater feeling of health and well-being.

Phase II – Self-Direction and Self Support

The intent is for graceful release of karmic issues.  Excess emotional energy stored in the events of the client’s history is released and returned to their energy system in a healthier pattern.  This session transforms their history from an anchor that is holding them back, to a pillar of golden wisdom and support, from which they can gain greater awareness and strength from within themselves.

Phase III – Radiate Core Energy

The intent is to encourage the client’s core energy – the essence of which they are – to radiate strongly out from their UCL and physical body.  This awakens spiritual intelligence, allowing for a greater expression through their heart centre and increased self-empowerment.

Phase IV – Energetic Accomplishment

The intent is to activate and accelerate the clients potential.  The session establishes dynamic, creative connection and communication with their potential self.  During this phase each client is given the chance to place seeds of intent into their potential about what they wish to create in their lives.

After Phases I-IV each clients UCL is both fully formed and fully functioning.


Phases V-VIII

During phases I-IV, we built the structure and connected you to your Universal Calibration Lattice.  Now that we have built the foundation, Phases V-VIII involve working with specific ‘templates’ that carry a resonance and sit within your energy field to support different aspects of your growth and evolution.

These four sessions support you to step out into the world and practice mastery in everyday life.  Each session is unique; as you are shown a set of attributes that you can chose from to focus your daily life around (i.e. strength, courage, transformation, forgiveness, peacefulness, mindfulness, humor, commitment etc).  These Attributes of Mastery are then incorporated into your session to be held within your energy field.  This gives you something to be conscious of as you step out into the world and your life.  It’s your chance to practice these Attributes of Mastery in your daily life.

Phase V – Templates of Infinite Love

The Phase V template encompasses an area that includes the High Heart Centre, Heart Centre, the throat, all the small energy vortices around the mouth, and the centre on the tip of the nose.

Phase VI – Template of Infinite Compassion

There are two separate templates for phase VI, one for each hand.  The area that each template encompasses includes the energy centre in the middle of the hand (front and back) and all the small energy vortices throughout the fingers.

Phase VII – Templates of Infinite Presence

There are two separate templates in Phase VII, one for each foot.  The area that each template encompasses includes the major energy centre on the top and bottom of the foot, and all the small energy vortices on the soles of the fee and around the toes.

Phase VIII – Template of Infinite Wisdom

The Phase VIII Template encompasses all the points of light contained within the brain, and all the energy vortices associated with the Crown Centre.