In 2002 I first encountered bodywork as a means to support people through transitions, life stress and even trauma.  From personal experience bodywork helped me move through a challenging and ‘rebirthing’ life transition and carried me through into new way of being, and a new space to pick up my life and create a new way.

MassageSessionYour Body Your Temple uses a blend of physical massage, bodywork and energy work.  Physically, sensitive touch on the body stimulates new brain wave patterns and relaxes the nervous system.  This in itself will provide a space for a body to begin to re-pattern and shift energetic blocks held in the body.  When combined with energy based modalities like Polarity Therapy, Myofascial Release and Crania Sacral Therapy powerful shifts can occur that will act as a backbone of support for the client as they direct their life.  We provide the space for clients to let go and have deep relaxation during an appointment.

Your Body Your Temple sees clients who would like a regular remedial massage to relax tight muscles, to women who like energetic style work like Kahuna Bodywork and Holistic massage when there are other life stresses occurring that require more then just the physical body touched.

Modalities include Kahuna Bodywork, The Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Holistic and Remedial Massage,  Fertility Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Post Natal Massage.