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Woodford Music Festival and Kahuna Bodywork training…

Its been too long since my last newsletter!  Now its already Autumn and I have not updated you with Summer news!
I had a great Xmas break.  I did some more Kahuna Bodywork training at Woodford Music festival in QLD.  This is a massive world music festival similar to Womad, only about 10 times bigger!  The Australian College of Kahuna Sciences has a stall there each year where students participate and work on the festival goers.  Its a super chance to update skills, learn more about the bodywork and connect with other students and my teacher Ki’a’i Ho’okahi Weber.  I was there for eight days working in the therapy room doing bodywork and also helping my teacher manage the logistics of running such large stall.

It was a really super week and in total I worked on about forty different people while there.  When in such an intense environment, which requires huge demand physically, emotionally and mentally, the range of our skills increases and we scale to new heights in our capabilities.  Working on one person after another, day in day out, allows deep integration of new levels of awareness and anchors in new, more contributing holding patterns and ways of being for us.  Great change occurs internally for both the bodyworker and the client, and it is a time to savor and appreciate, as its only an opportunity for training that comes once a year.

I continued my training down in  NSW for another 10 days and participated in a kahuna training workshop.  This is a different style of training to the festival, and although very physically demanding, is a great way for me to begin my year.  We do a lot of exercises that promote the movement of chi or energy throughout our bodies.  This gives me a perfect beginning of the year as I have a chance to repattern my own energy in my body, and set myself up for a new year.  Its a super way to let go of old things, whether that is an outdated belief system, or a way I might be walking or standing that is not good for my being.  The training effects us on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – its a bit like clearing out the old clothes closet on all levels, and starting fresh for the year.It was a great way to begin my year!

Miss Beatrice Waight and Mayan Abdominal Therapy

Some of you may remember that in November 2009 I traveled to Belize in Central America and spent 8 days studying Mayan Abdominal Therapy with a traditional Mayan Healer Miss Beatrice Waight.  It is great sadness to let you know that Miss Beatrice passed away late last year.  She has left a legacy behind her and many westerners had the privilege of studying with her during her life. A book of her life and art has now been released to celebrate her achievements and continue to spread some of her gifts and knowledge.

I have been lucky enough to have been included in this book, in a section where her students could write and tell a story of their experiences of Miss Beatrice.  It is a great honor to have known this woman, to share her home, and to be able to share my experiences of her in this book.


Winter Blues are over! Time to revisit that body!

Life is a cycle.  We have seasonal cycles, moon cycles, life/age cycles, and for women, we have menstrual cycles.  With these cycles are the ebbs and flows of life energy.  In the seasonal cycle, Winter is that time to hibernate, stay still, warm, inside and go within with more for contemplation and rest.  Now that we are in spring, it is the time to move that energy outwards again.  Most people feel the change without thinking about it.  They clean out cupboards, start going for walks, lighten the type of meals they eat, start thinking about socialising more.  These are all natural rhythms of human beings adjusting to the change in energy.  By embracing this spring energy and considering goals and changes we wish to make in our lives, this is the perfect time to re-establish routine and begin to reacquaint ourselves with our bodies.  The energy of this time is to support your goals, and desires and will encourage you to get active again.

Spring is a great time to look at our eating habits, how we eat, and how much we eat.  Its also a super time to get back on the bike, take some bush walks, go camping, and generally get outdoors again.  Its also the perfect time to start your massage routine again.  As bodies begin to thaw (so to speak!) and we are wanting to exercise more, we need to get the blood and lymph flowing again and ease the muscle aches and pains associated with renewed exercise.  Massage is great for this, and also for toxin release, so people who want to diet at this time find that regular massage supports their bodies in the weight loss process, and eases its workload in detoxifying.  Massage is also incredibly relaxing, eases anxiety and promotes deeper sleep, deeper breathing and clearer mental capacity.

To support you in your process of getting fit, healthy and ready for spring,  I am offering 15%  off all appointments as an encouragement to revisit the body, send it some love and begin to reacquaint yourself with a great massage.  This offer is only valid once per client, and is only valid until 30th September.  There are not many spots left, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.  This is my way of treating you all to a spring celebration! (Only valid for bookings made between 20/9 – 30/9.  Not valid for gift vouchers or 5.45/6 pm time slots).


The Beautiful Birth Festival was a great success…

I joined the Rainbow Tree stall at the Fullarton Park Community Centre and had a section to myself educating and spreading awareness of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.  This was a perfect venue for the work as it is fantastic for prenatal and post natal care for a woman’s body, and as you can imagine, there were lots of likely candidates!

I was very busy for most of the day as I met and networked with some great midwives, breast feeding educators, mums, mums to be and women wanting to learn more on how to support their body to return to balance and health.  Many were looking for prenatal and post natal care, however many just wanted help with their current cycle and other personal female conditions.  It was really rewarding to share my new work and its benefits with them.


What are shell essences?

Shell and Coral Essences are a holistic form of energy medicine. Natural remedies similar to homeopathy, they are made in the time-honored method of most flower essences, pioneered by Dr. Edward Bach, creator of Bach Flower Remedies. These vibrational essences use life-force energy found in nature to stimulate a healing response in the body’s subtle energy system. They understand the complexity of our energy bodies, accessing our cellular memory to stimulate natural self-healing, re-balance negative emotional states, and create fulfilling lives.

I’ve been using Shell Essences effectively for the last 6 years with clients on their journey towards balance and self awareness with great results. It’s a pleasure to provide something so subtle and gentle, yet also so powerful to initiate change for people.