Kahuna Bodywork while Pregnant!

I woke from a dream one morning about a month ago and knew that I had to go and visit my Kahuna Bodywork teacher Ki’a’i Ho’okahi Weber in NSW while I was pregnant.  It was one of those things that you just cannot ignore.  There was to be a two day workshop refresher at the beginning of June so the timing was great.  While there, I reconnected with her and the beautiful land around her home, as well as participated in some of the workshop – belly and all!   It was a beautiful experience doing our flying steps (martial art style exercises) in a group with my belly included.  I connected in a deeper way with the little one inside me and it was a wonderful way to introduce this little spirit to the work that I do on the ‘outside’.  I had two pregnancy kahuna bodywork sessions and had wonderful work by Ki’a’i and her husband Norbet who helped support and realign some non contributing patterns I had been holding for a long time.  This little friend is certainly opening up new ways of being for me and new ways to expand!  And not just physically!  🙂

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