Maternity Leave

It’s now June with Winter here, and the days are at their shortest.  It’s time to huddle in and have lots of soup and warm wintery meals around the fire.  I am finding myself extra busy at home nesting and preparing for the birth of my baby.   I have been continuing to expand in my pregnancy journey over these last 6 months and am now 31 weeks – and have a nice big belly to show for it!   My current plan is to continue to work up until the end of June.  This is how long I have taken bookings for so far.  There is a chance, depending on my health and energy levels, that I may work one more week in July.   If you are wanting an appointment before I take a full step back, please let me know now, and I will pop you onto my cancellation list.  If I am unable to slot you in during June I may be able to see you in July instead.

Pregnancy has been an interesting journey for me as I surrender into the big changes happening inside of me, around me and at home as I prepare for this new life to emerge.  I have had my own pregnancy related ups and downs, and have an ever growing compassion for pregnant women and the big ride it takes us on.  It has been magical and awe inspiring, while also physically demanding and challenging during different months as my baby grows.  It has affected me not just physically, but also emotionally and mentally as I ride the hormonal roller coaster and realize the responsibility of bearing a new life.  Spiritually I have been touched in my dreams, and expanded in my visualizations and birth preparations.  It is indeed, a very special and unique experience to have the privilege to bare life and become a mother.

It is a process of continual surrender as I let go of my working practice for the next 6 months and trust that it will take on a transformed new life in 2014 when I return.  I have spent the last nine years building and growing this little business of mine, and I have had such pleasure and gratification watching it grow, enhancing my skills and meeting such wonderful clients.  I very much appreciate each of you, what you bring into my life and what we share together.  It is truly a wonderful gift for me to have had this privilege.  I will be back around January seeing clients again, and this time, as a mother!I will be keeping in touch over this time.  Many of you have expressed wonderful wishes for me when you have come to your appointments.  You have also requested to know who exactly pops out after this nine month journey!  For this reason, after I birth in August, I shall send out a little newsletter introducing you to my new little friend!  I shall also be in contact later as the year progresses with an update to when I shall be open for bookings, so keep posted and before we know it, we will be in 2014 with a new year swinging in. See you in 2014!

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