Kahuna Bodywork. Flowers and Hula skirts or Psycho Spiritual Transformation?

When  people speak of Kahuna Bodywork it might conjure up images of Hawaiian women dancing in hula skirts and flower necklaces.  Many get confused with the massage term ‘Lomi Lomi’ and think that it’s the same thing.   Is this true? What actually is Kahuna Bodywork?


Kahuna Bodywork does have its roots in Hawaii.  Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, who accessed this work from his own genetic memory, was a Hawaiian Kahuna.   He is responsible for bringing his beautiful Bodywork to the West and introducing Westerners to Kahuna sciences training.  This is where the Hawaiian connection finishes. Those who perform Kahuna Bodywork as trained by Ki’a’i Ho’okahi Weber, a direct student of Kahu Abraham, do not have anything to do with flowers, hula skirts or ‘temple style massage techniques’.  We are participants of a traditional lineage, of a training that is Hawaiian in its roots, but not specific to Hawaiian culture.  Rather, the training is a universal yet personal journey where we gain access to our own genetic line, and gain the wisdom and power from within us.  With regards to Lomi Lomi, this is another type of massage and is not Kahuna Bodywork.  Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian word that refers to general massage, a bit like we would go and get a therapeutic massage each week to ease back pain.  Kahuna Bodywork is something very different.

Kahuna Bodywork is not really a form of massage. We do use the application of oil on the body as a tool used in combination with rhythmical strokes to take the client into motion, but we do not ‘rub’ a client in the manner of in a normal massage.  While we do address different aspects that may be bothering the client, we do not work with intent and try and ‘fix something’.  Rather, Kahuna Bodywork works like a dynamic re-patterning process on body, mind and spirit that gives people the opportunity to realign themselves: their own body’s wisdom changes old non-contributing patterns that are no longer serving them.  The rhythmical application of the strokes, applied with chi energy, allows their body to reorganise itself energetically on a cellular level into a more contributing pattern —something that does not happen with therapeutic and remedial massage.  This means that when you receive a Kahuna Bodywork session you are reaping the benefits of physical pain relief and relaxation, as well as a deeper realignment on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Because of this, Kahuna Bodywork has been described as ‘a body based psycho spiritual transformation’ as it skips the busy mind and enters the body allowing the wisdom of our multifaceted beings to come forward.

Training in such a modality takes years of dedication.  It is not about doing one or two courses and then becoming a Kahuna Bodywork practitioner.  One needs to find that space, awareness and wisdom within our own selves first before we are able to perform and provide the deeper healing space for others.  Our training is mostly non-verbal, and certainly very physical (it has been compared to a martial art), giving us increasing access to the wisdom held in our bodies so that we can then learn to ‘perform’ this wisdom on another.


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