Pre Natal and Female Care the Mayan Way

Have you ever considered your uterus to be the doorway between the infinite and the finite? Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Not according to the ancient Mayan traditions and culture.  The Mayans believe that your uterus is the ONLY spiritual organ in the body and is a being that lives inside of you and exists as her own entity. She is alive, has a consciousness of her own, she creates, and she sheds. She lives to create. Without even knowing the word or concept of the sacral chakra, the Mayans knew that she was the creative centre of the being. If she does not create babies, then she creates art, music, literature, gardens and dreams! However, if things are out of balance, she will create fibroids or endometriosis as a way of garnering your attention. She is the doorway, the gateway, and the passage that everyone on this planet had to pass through from the infinite to Earth!  The Mayans believed that because of this it is an honour to have a uterus. It is a special gift to be able to create life and to give birth.

Did you know that we need to take care of our uterus? Are you taking care of yours?  Is she happy? Are you planning a baby? There are many signs that things are not harmonious within your uterus. Firstly, society teaches us that a “normal” menstrual cycle consists of cramps, dark clotty blood, mucousy blood, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, lower back pain, headaches, depression, nausea; just to name a few. No one informs us that this is not okay. When a woman has a healthy menstruation, it should be bright red, fresh, runny blood, like when you cut your arm and it drips out. A little mild cramping at the beginning, no lower back pain, no headaches, no bloating and no dark red or brown blood. Having issues with your menstrual cycle (or lack of) is a sign that your uterus may be tilted to one side, sitting low, or just surrounded by congested tissues. The great thing is, that there is a way to change this. This is particularly important if you are planning a baby.

The Mayans carried through their culture a simple abdominal massage to improve the health of the female cycle and reproductive system, to ensure the uterus is sitting in its correct position and to prepare the woman for pregnancy and childbirth (also for post natal care). The work is focussed on the five flows of the body – arterial flow, venous flow, lymphatic flow, nerve flow, and Chu lel (chi). When there is an imbalance in one of these areas, a blockage occurs, then the signs and symptoms of reproductive issues entail. By encouraging and strengthening these five flows, the body is able to bring itself back into balance and healthier functioning. The uterus can be prepared for pregnancy and women can enjoy their menstruation as an opportunity to reconnect with their body. It is a great time to write, dream, read and be still in the shedding.

Mayan Abdominal Therapy is a beautiful way to reconnect with your body and establish a relationship with your uterus. This ancient technique empowers women to make changes to their health and prepares them for the beautiful experience of pregnancy. It is also a wonderful way to bring the uterus back into alignment and healthy functioning after childbirth.

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