Moon Lodge

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Welcome to Your Body Your Temple

Needing nourishment on all levels?  Need some sacred space within the chaos?

You’ve found the right place…

Your Body Your Temple is built on three beautiful pillars.  

1. Bodywork and Natural Therapies,

2. The Moon Lodge

3. Giving Back.

Its about reconnecting women.  Reconnecting women to themselves through massage, bodywork and natural therapies, reconnecting women to their communities through gatherings in the Moon Lodge, and reconnecting women internationally through supporting women in the third world through charity donations with every appointment, and event fundraisers.  We are all family, lets reconnect.


Your Body Your Temple was established in July 2004 by Fiona House.  In 2016 she was joined by Kacie Walker. Their Bodywork practice provides a supportive space for people while they transition through stressful life situations, challenges, and rites of passage; and for balance and harmony in day to day life .  In clinic, they both provide a space for rebalancing, relaxing and pain relief with the use of a variety of massage and bodywork modalities to help with your personal situation.

Fiona’s skills include Kahuna Bodywork (Lomi Ka’alele au); Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy; Holistic Pelvic CareTMFertility, and Holistic Massage; and being an authorised Moon Mother able to give The Womb Blessing.  This means whether you just need a great massage, or more specific work for whats happening right now, your individual personal needs will be the guide to the best modality for you.

Kacie is a qualified Kahuna Bodywork practitioner and Pregnancy Massage therapist who joined Fiona’s busy practice. She is in alignment with the philosophies of Your Body Your Temple, and has a strong passion for supporting women to regain balance in their lives, for deeper self reflection and personal expansion.  Her clients enjoy her soft nature, commitment to their wellbeing and her skills as a bodyworker.

In 2015 Your Body Your Temple expanded to include the Sacred Moon Circles and Celebration Day for Girls in the Moon Lodge on her land in the Adelaide Hills.  This space provides a place for women to gather and be welcomed back into community, while also reconnecting us back to the cycles of nature, ourselves and each other.

Your Body Your Temple also contributes a portion from every appointment to charity, and organises event  fundraisers as part of the Giving Back pillar.  Fiona’s passionate about supporting women in need internationally and connecting women here, to those in the third world.   Every time you come to an appointment or to the Moon Lodge, you are contributing to those in need elsewhere.

Welcome to Your Body Your Temple!